Anti Pimple Therapy

You all will agree with us that life is a constant battle for people who get acnes. For some fortunate ones, it only pops up occasionally, but for some, it remains a constant embarrassing companion. It is even more disturbing when it suddenly erupts a day before an occasion.

But fret no more; Poison Anti Pimple Therapy will sort out everything. Our professional counsel will analyze the medical history in order to customize the treatment as per the individual requirement.


Fruit peels like (acid peel, fruit peel and herbal peels) microdermabrasion, acute, acupuncture or combination of above, we conduct every treatment at our office. To bring good results based on the type and gravity of pigmentation we make sure that our services are of top quality. In fact, our anti pimple therapy has set waves all over India.

How it works

  • Pigmentation reduction requires an exfoliation of the super facial skin layer and this is undertaken over a number of sessions. Since the underlying skin exposed after every session is tender hence the exfoliation process is taken step by step.
  • The improvement starts with the first session itself and diminishing stages come in approximately after 10 to 15 treatment sessions.
  • The maintenance sessions are advised once a month to keep the pigmentation away and keep skin vigor and radiant.
  • Once the desired result is achieved, it can be maintained with the regular use of sunscreen.

However, there are no side effects to this treatment, but for more detail you can contact us at Poison.