Chromo Therapy

Not many know but seeing certain colours can bring about different emotions. Wearing your favourite colour can help you feel confident and attractive while wearing a colour that you don’t care for can make you feel more self-conscious.

In the exact way, spending time in a room with a bright and cheery colour can help you feel energetic and cheerful while spending time in a room that is dark can lead to feelings of frustration and sadness. This is the core principle of chromotherapy, to use the energy that different colours of light transmit.

The luminous energy of colors is of the same nature as the electromagnetic energy of radio and television waves. Just as the transmitters and receptors of radio waves, humans are also transmitting and receiving these energies in the same way. Therefore, we can emit the energy of a certain color by simply thinking about it. Each color possesses frequencies of a specific vibration, and each vibration has characteristics related to different physical symptoms.

Each color relates to one of the 7 main chakras. Therefore in Chromotherapy, we work on the chakras that display an irregular variation of energy to re-establish the energy balance. To accomplish this, we apply the corresponding light to the chakra that needs to be adjusted. This application of light can be made by the use of colored light bulbs, colored lenses, crystals or simply the mind.


To summarize, we have the following colors that we have been using during the treatment.

  • Violet – Assists in meditation
  • Lilac – Deals with intuition and subjects of the mind (more rational). It connects to the head.
  • Blue – Deals with speech (inhibition to express you). It connects to the throat.
  • Green – Relates to the intermediate plane. It connects with the lung and heart.
  • Yellow – Deals with nervousness and agitation. Relates to anxiety in the material plane, auto-expression. It connects with the stomach, liver, intestine, and other organs.
  • Orange – Related to the conjugal hereditary succession and situations in the material plane. Connects to the sexual organs and kidneys.

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