Rehabilitation Therapy

Rehabilitation means to fully bring back one to proper health; be it spiritually, mentally or physically. When successful, it allows the patient to recover from debilitating injury. Rehabilitation, or rehab, therapy also refers to the therapeutic, healing treatment a patient receives after an illness or injury. The illness or injury could be after cancer, a stroke or an automobile or skiing accident.

At Poison, we aim to provide a wide range of physical medicine and rehabilitation services. Our rehabilitation services include;

  • Physical Therapy Rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation Therapy
  • Stroke Rehabilitation Therapy
  • Rehabilitation Therapy Jobs
  • Vision Rehabilitation Therapy
  • Physical Therapy Clinics
  • Speech rehabilitation therapy
  • Drug rehabilitation therapy

Poison’s scope encompasses remedial care of stroke patients, children with cerebral palsy, chronic pain, and drug addiction. Our drug rehabilitation therapy might include several components, such as counseling and medication. Inpatient drug rehab programs can be short term or long term. Drug treatment centers typically offer residential drug rehabilitation therapy for at least a month or up to a year.  This treatment usually follows a residential stay at the treatment center. It continues to try and help people cope with life and avoid substance abuse. A weekly counseling session that may be individual or in a group setting is often a large part of rehabilitation therapies. This is done by our expert.

Remember, we at Poison understand that a treatment that worked for one may not work for another. Keeping the same thought in mind our Rehabilitation therapies have been designed.

Consult us before your loved one’s health gets even more deteriorated!