Hair Volume Enhancement

Almost every day we all are bombarded with photos of Instagram models with perfectly tamed locks- and we can’t help but admire their great texture, definition, and style.  Thinking, how do they get hair like that? A myntra to a lot of these hairstyles is VOLUME. Volume is often the most overlooked aspect of the hairstyle, but it plays the most important role in achieving the look.

There are many products available in the market today that can help you in your search for healthy hair with more volume. However, with Poison’s hair thickening and hair integration techniques and creams you are bound to get good results and denser volume.

Hair integration

An integration hair system refers to the type of base material used and is ideal for women (or men) with thinning or diffused hair loss. The key function of any hair integration system is the ability to pull your existing, growing hair directly through the unit. This allows you to wear a custom hair replacement system without shaving your head. Your own naturally growing hair are combined with the hair on the integration piece to create the look of a full, complete head of hair. Depending on the thickness and fullness of your growing hair, there are a variety of different integration hair systems all with varying sizes and shapes of holes in the mesh.


Hair Thickening

Thanks to a slew of scientific advances, there are ample amount of volume boosters present in the market that Poison has been suggesting to its clients. With Poison’s hair thickening lotions you can easily see more hair growing and end thinning hair without ever having to worry about using commercial hair loss thickeners or products. Sounds a bit too good to believe, but it’s not hard and it’s really within your reach right now.

Poison’s hair thickening fibers give an instant solution for hair loss and make your hair look thicker, presentable at all times.

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