Spa Service

We live in a world where we want to escape into another world very so often, even if it is just for few hours. The urgent need to get away especially from the urban world is the increasing reality. So what do you do? In such a case spa is a blessing!

Yes, spas are no longer limited to massages or a few therapies that rich and famous people take. It is nowadays taken as a treatment as well to treat sore muscles, dead skin and treat the inner organs.

With that said, these are the types of Spas that are available at Poison.


Thai Massage

By using treatment and special bodywork techniques, thumbs, fingers and palms to stimulate acupressure point on the body, you will feel relax and help release your stress. The essential oil that rubs on your body will help smooth your skin. So, come to Poison and experience the Oriental massage of Thailand, and we guarantee, you will come again and again for it.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage is a deeply relaxing form of massage that uses hot basalt stones, a form of volcanic rock. The massage therapist uses various sizes of basalt stones to help the muscles release tension and relax more deeply. Therapeutic benefits are beneficial for both physical and psychological levels.  In short, the hot basalt stones warms the muscles and relaxes them.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage represents a general massage system which is not limited to pampering oneself. It is a technique which can be defined as “kneading” since long and firm strokes are used to rejuvenate the skin of the body. These long and firm strokes help the circulatory, endocrine, muscular and respiratory system. It indeed is the most effective spa that we offer.

Aroma Massage

If there is one massage that can benefit the digestive system the most, then it is Aroma massage. It not only provides relaxation but helps in battling insomnia and inflammation. It is also a boon for ladies who do not have a big bust. The essential oils that are used in aroma have healing power too.

Visit Poison, to enjoy the world-class spa experience and the latest in therapeutic treatments that we have at our clinic.

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