Hair Regrowth

Treatment that can help you handle embarrassing baldness!

Baldness is the most embarrassing thing in a man’s life. The depression and anger that comes from having your own little ‘barren land’ shining right on the top of your head are unbearable.

Growing up, it was quite common to see shiny spots at the front of the head, right on the top of men and we erroneously tagged them as ‘old men’. But these days the story is quite different, even the young boys are going bald and they have their own ‘balding story’. No matter what they wear, what swag they carry, the ‘shiny spot’ can get anyone noticed. So, can one cope up with the loss of hair at such tender age?

Yes, just by pulling your financial muscle you can seek medical advice and solutions at Poison before getting cajoled into using different creams and conditioners.

What is baldness?

Medically speaking, baldness is a progressive loss of hair and damage to the scalp which begins in the early twenties and thirties. Each strand of hair sits in a tiny hole of the scalp called follicle.  The follicle loses its tendency to grow new hair once baldness hits the person. The hair follicles are destroyed from 10% to 100% in increments which can be explained in 11 stages. Knowing the stages will help you decide the intensity of the treatment and how much damage has occurred with follicles.

Stages :

Follicles’ growth stopped but not destroyed

10% destroyed hair follicles

20% destroyed hair follicles

30% destroyed hair follicles

40% destroyed hair follicles

50% destroyed hair follicles

60% destroyed hair follicles

70% destroyed hair follicles

80% destroyed hair follicles

90% destroyed hair follicles

99% destroyed hair follicles



What is the theory behind Hair Re-growth?

Hair follicles of stage 1 get cured easily and follicles get activated within 40 to 60 days after the treatment. The new hairs that sprout after the treatment are very thin and silky which gradually grow to the matured firmness and develop the original color of the hair. The upgrading of the remaining destroyed hair follicles follows with continual treatment, i.e. the 10% destroyed hair follicles are upgraded to Stage 1 and 20% destroyed hair follicles recover to 10% recovery stage and so on in all the stages.

Poison’s Hair Re-growth System

With a cut on technology and groundbreaking formulas from Australia, the Poison hair re-growth system has given results to many of its clients. This wonder system is supported by the testimony of actual users who have benefited from its use, and whose personal health, confidence and social life have improved. We work on weak or dead hair follicles giving them a new life all on their own. Its effect ranges from unbelievably rapid to slow, depending on the state of baldness. We use solutions and procedures that are harmless to the scalp and existing hair but simultaneously work on the location of the dead follicles, thus reactivating them by stimulating the generation of natural protein or Keratin. Its prolonged use is indicated only in severe conditions or cases of complete baldness.

A shiny and slippery bald pate is scalp whose epidermis is considered like ‘steel’, when it is known to possess impenetrability, i.e. having the passages for hair growth completely closed—so that growth of hair from the follicles neither find any channel to extend itself in growth, nor allow growth factor to probe and enter the dermis.

The neighboring hair bearing follicles whose holes or passages are wide enough pass the growth factor onto the dead hair follicles whose passage is closed, but whose subcutaneous link with neighboring follicles is accessible. This is the subcutaneous route the medicine takes to reach the dead hair follicles.

New hair growth eventually occurs as the follicles get activated. But it takes time for fine silky hair to have strength enough to penetrate the steel like scalp from inside the dermis.

The hairs that have gone first come last and hair went last come first—is the order in which hair re-growth occurs.