Hair Transplantation

Poison’s Hair Transplant has the most celebrated name in the Bollywood and Entertainment Industry. With our pioneering techniques we have made our own name among celebrities and some metro cities.   Today, hair transplant has become the latest craze not only for those who have lost their hair but even for those who want to alter their hairline. Understanding the rage and rant, Poison is also using cut on technology to serve its customers.

How exactly is hair transplant performed?

Hair transplantation is a simple and superficial procedure which involves extraction of live root bearing hair follicles from the back side of the head (also called the donor area) and implanting them on the bald area ( the recipient area). The surgical process involves removal of hair follicles from any site of the body. They pick up follicular clusters of the hair. This process is also called follicular hair transplant which can be done in two ways namely harvesting and FUE (follicular unit extraction)

In strip harvesting, skin strips with good hair growth are picked up and planted in the balding area. Since clusters of hair are picked up from the follicles therefore the process is called as Follicular Hair Transplantation. In the follicular unit, extraction hair clusters with their roots are manually removed and planted on the hairless site.

These days the surgeons are mostly adopting FUT. The transplanted hair roots behave and grow similar to those from where they have been extracted. They can be treated just like natural hair- they can be colored, shampooed. Moreover, they do not require any medicine so as to maintain the growth.  Even after the complete shave and cutting, your hair will grow back and continue to do so for the rest of your life.

The hair transplantation surgeries are aimed at both men and women, it can also be used to restore beard, mustache, and eyebrows.