Nail Extension & Design

Say no to too much files and buffers on the nail paint!

Nicely groomed nails are a girl’s best friend and also one of the best accessories that girls can carry, however, if one of the nails smudges or chirps, it can ruin the overall appearance of the hands. Moreover, there are women who have a problem with growing nails up to a fashionable length due to various reasons. It is because of all these reasons; women these days resort to nail extensions.

Nail extensions are artificial nails that are fixed on top of the natural nail. And as and when the base nail grows out, the gap is filled with the artificial nail material. Once the acrylic nails are fixed, they are decorated with the choice of the customer. Teenagers chose for funky designs while women usually choose for wine shades.

We at Poison, ensure that everything related to beauty can be provided under the same roof. This is why we offer nail extension service to all nail-biters and non-nail biters. We sculpt the acrylic nails for clients as per their requirement and enhance its beauty by decorating it with stickers, tattoos, and piercing.

Our nail professionals can serve anyone-from older women indulging in wine shades to teenage choosing glossy, funky nails.

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