Permanent Eyebrows

Don’t have any eyebrows? Can’t put them on without glasses, but your glasses are on the way? Permanent Eyebrows is the Perfect Solution.


These days more and more women are discovering the idea of honing their looks and bodies. Well, what’s getting in trend now is starting with the frame of the face by adding perfect new look of permanent eyebrows. It is because, eyebrows frame your face and definition beautifully, and moreover, proper placement of eyebrows also changes the appearance of the shape of your face. It brings symmetry to the face. It is because of these reasons medical tattooing or micro pigmentation in catching the trend.

How is micro pigmentation done?

Micro-pigmentation is a revolutionary procedure in which micro insertions of natural pigments is done on the dermal layer of the skin. At Poison, we use only sterile pigments that will not interfere with MRI imaging. The pigments are inserted with the help of motorized instrument containing sterile needles.

Our trained specialist will perform this treatment in our clinic only. We only start the process after the consultation. Our consultation includes color choices, discussion of pigments, results, after effects. The skin test is done on a particular part and we will take the photograph before the procedure too.

Simply put, we will strive to work hard in achieving your goal. This treatment is something that will last for years and years and we will make sure that you are looking happy and are at your best.  We may also suggest what we think is best for you, but yours will be the last call.

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