Permanent Lipstick

In a world where we are short of time, you would not want to waste your time indulging yourself in long, tiring makeup sessions. Above all we all want rosy lips but not everyone is lucky to have. But now, you can have Fuller Looking and More Defined lip without Surgery.

Permanent Lip Colour Enhances or Changes the Shape of Lips and helps you to get rid off bluish and blackish lips.

Permanent lipstick is basically just a color tattoo applied directly to the lips. It is more expensive initially to get permanent lipstick than to buy tube lipstick, but after several years the price will likely end up being cheaper.

When we think of permanent lipstick and lip liner, we usually think of a permanent solution for those wanting to look their best without the everyday inconvenience of applying makeup. But did you know that cosmetic lip tattooing is also used to correct damage caused by oral cancer, chemotherapy and sun damage? And it is an excellent solution for those who are partially or completely blind or have an unsteady hand and cannot apply their own makeup.

Although believed to be a new procedure, cosmetic lip tattooing has actually been a beauty-enhancing practice used by women in ancient Mediterranean and African cultures for years. Today, cosmetic lip tattooing is available through tattoo artists, cosmetologists and surgeons almost everywhere. Permanent lip liner is used to perfectly shape the lips by outlining them with color while permanent lipstick is used to color the fleshy part of the lips.

The procedure for permanent lipstick or lip liner is done similarly to the way a tattoo is done. Usually a tattoo gun is used to automatically inject the ink color into the lip area. Sometimes the professional artist chooses to apply the ink by hand with a needle since a gun can be more painful due to the lip area being very sensitive. Although manual tattooing can be less painful, it takes a lot longer and can be more costly than automatic tattooing.