Skin Enhancing Therapies

Spotless, smooth, fresh and young skin is the biggest asset for any woman, and so says the old proverb ‘Beauty is skin deep’ (pun intended). If you have good skin, you do not require any treatment or makeup to enhance your look. But because of scorching sun and pollution, face become withers prior to the matured age. However, with Poison anti-aging clinic’s mission, it is now possible to win over all your skin woes.

With the help of skin enhancing therapies that we provide, one can get polished, clear skin back. These therapies are specially formulated to improve the colour, texture, volume of the skin. In short, these therapies are there for complete rejuvenation.

  • Skin Hydrating Therapy
  • Skin Nourishing Therapy
  • Sebum Extraction Therapy
  • Face detoxification
  • Skin Whitening procedures
  • Collagen Shots for face uplift

Call our experts to understand each treatment and how it is performed.