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At poison , we understand that our customers need high performance and value-for-money skin whitening procedures that can cater to their desire for a fair complexion. With this aim in mind, our dedicated team is constantly involved in extensive research and development programs. Our researchers work meticulously to merge the most efficient skin whitening elements with the latest technology. The result is a cutting-edge potent skin lightening formulation, which we proudly named “Skin Whitening procedures “.

Skin whitening

Have you ever wondered why early childhood photos of many top celebrities show a much darker skin color then they have now? Have you also longed for a much whiter complexion? Then you should go for skin whitening treatments. Mainly the skin whitening ingredients works in two ways

1. By absorbing the UV rays, thus preventing the sun from darkening your skin.

2. By reducing the production of melanin, the skin pigment found in your skin which is responsible for skin darkening.


Most skin whiteners currently on the market contain ingredients like hydroquinone, ascorbic acid, kojic acid, arbutin, azealic acid that act as direct inhibitors of tyrosinase,. Arbutin is derived from the leaves of bearberry, cranberry, mulberry or blueberry shrubs, and also is present in most types of pears. It can have melanin-inhibiting properties. Concentration protocols have yet to be established for arbutin, meaning it is not known how much arbutin it takes to lighten skin when it is added to a cosmetic formulation. Moreover, there are patents controlling its use for skin lightening. There is little to no research showing the plant extract source of arbutin as having any impact on skin, especially not in the tiny amounts used in cosmetics. Arbutin is very safe skin agent for external use which does not have toxicity, stimulation, unpleasant odor or side effect such as Hydroqinone. Arbutin give three main properties; Whitening effects, anti- age effect and UVB/ UVC filter. There is an increasing awareness that vitamin C has a wide variety of role in human health. New therapeutic uses are being investigated daily, among recent discoveries is that Vitamin C can play important role in the health & beauty of your skin. When Vitamin C inhibits the production of the melanin, a lighter and brighter skin will reveal in just few weeks.

Vitamin C regenerates vitamin E in the skin. An antioxidant like vitamin E can only suppress a limited number of free radicals before it runs out of electrons to donate. Vitamin C regenerates vitamin E and enables vitamin E to provide sustained antioxidant protection in the skin’s elastin fibers. Vitamin C plays a vital role in skin repair. When your skin is injured, its Vitamin C content is used up rapidly in the scavenging of free radicals, and in synthesizing collagen to speed healing. The anti-inflammatory properties of Licorice were attributed to inhibition of superoxide anion production and Glycyrrhetinic acid, isolated from Glycyrrihiza glabra (licorice) is widely used in cosmetic industry. Licorice inhibit tyrosinase activity of melanocytes without any cytotoxicity, it also showed that UV-B-induced pigmentation and erythema can be inhibited by topical application of 0.5% Licorice cyclooxygenase activity.

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