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Botox filler Bhopal

Botox and fillers were once the vice and luxury of 1% of the society. But in recent years, these look-changing injections have pervaded society- becoming pocket-friendly and more accessible than ever. And why not? Because of the godly benefits that botox and fillers come with, Botox was bound to become popular among people.

Botox is a protein that is infused in the skin by professional experts at Poison, for various reasons which lead to the beautification of the skin. It is also becoming more and more popular because it is one protein that helps to cheat age and shoo away wrinkles. From wrinkles to crow’s feet to frown lines and bunny lines and it can re-shape the whole face.

Apart from botox, another effective method of rectifying signs of aging is fillers. The popularity and prevalence of filler have also risen over the years mostly because of its unique advantage. It provides volume to static wrinkles, which are visible even when the skin is relaxed and making no expression. Just like botox, fillers are also injected into the skin and you can choose between autologous, non-autologous and temporary fillers too.

What is the duration of the treatment? How long will the results be effective?

Botox and fillers are not that lengthy treatments. It takes only 15 minutes. The fillers would be injected beneath the skin in smaller amounts with the help of cannula. The fillers absorb gradually as they are bio-degradable. The gel starts breaking down in the skin and mixes with the water. And, when the gel gets absorbed completely the effects start showing up immediately. However, the duration depends on the type of skin, texture, muscle activity and age.

Should I go for botox or filler? How to decide.

Depending upon the kind of wrinkle you have on your face, you can decide between botox and filler. Botox is a better choice for people who have dynamic wrinkles which are only visible at the time of the motion. While facial fillers are ideal for static wrinkles which are visible even when you face is relaxed. Botox, usually lasts for 3-6 months. On the other hand, fillers are effective for three months and in some cases more than that.

Whichever one you choose, both forms of treatment are capable of recapturing and maintaining a youthful skin and Poison promises to get you the result.