DOT Therapy


CO2 DOT Therapy…to reverse your aging

CO2 DOT Therapy is the latest laser skin care treatment that is trending in national as well as in the international market. Not only women but even men are trying this Dermal Optical Thermolysis for treating deep wrinkles, acne, fine lines, surgical and traumatic scars.

This therapy is 100 times better than traditional CO2 resurfacing treatments because it provides manageable downtime and rapid healing. In just one to two treatments, the therapy can restore the skin tone and texture.

How does DOT Therapy work?

DOT Therapy is a procedure that scans the small dots utilizing the CO2 energy onto the skin in order to make column through skin’s layers. These columns give skin tightening and collagen development. Since the laser leaves healthy tissue between the dots, the skin recuperates quicker after treatment. Typically just a single or two sittings are required for effective treatment. The results of this treatment are so good that patients are amazed at how tight their skin feels immediately after the procedure.

How do I know that my skin needs DOT Therapy or not?

If you have a damaged skin because of excess exposure to skin, smoker’s wrinkles, age spots, crow’s lines and stretch marks then DOT therapy is right for you.


What are the advantages of the treatment?

DOT therapy is extremely safe. The procedure doesn’t require any sedation before and after the treatment. Above all the procedure can be customized according to your skin and specific spots can be treated.