Laser Hair Removal

Free yourself and your time by finally getting laser hair removal!

So, are you bothered by the presence of dark underarm hair? Or by the abundance of hair present on your arms?

If yes, then do you know that covering hair of certain regions which aren’t constantly exposed is possible, but covering fuzzy little hair that are present on the face is actually a mammoth task? YES, THERE IS NO HIDING THAT! Your face is constantly on display, and as a result, your fuzzy little hair are constantly on display which are usually present on your upper lips, chin or sideburns.

So, don’t let that tiny fuzz get in the way of your self-confidence. At Poison we can help you to say ‘Hi’ to sensual skin and ‘Bye’ to stone-age techniques like bleaching, threading, and waxing.


A little brief on laser hair removal technique

We at Poison offer Laser Hair Removal technique which is totally different from removing hair through electrolysis. In laser hair removal, a beam of laser emits a mild beam of light that gets transformed into heat which disables the hair follicle permanently. It is a quick process which removes hundreds of hair at a single time.

The niche of this treatment is that it is designed to treat all skin types with the help of ‘Coolglide technology’.  Earlier people who were dark skinned could not get the desired results from the laser but with the latest tech of longer wavelength, anyone can choose this technology irrespective of the skin type.

Time required for laser hair removal

Laser hair removal treatment time varies from person’s skin, hairs texture, color etc. Even there is approximation which tells how much time laser hair removal requires for different body parts such as legs and back in 1- 3 hrs, shoulders in 10-20 minutes, bikini line in 8-10 minutes etc. It requires 2 to 4 treatments.

There is a particular stage of hair growth i.e. Anagen stage where laser hair removal works best on it. One time laser hair treatment is good but to get the best results treatment should be given at the anagen stage.

Is laser hair removal technique is guaranteed?

As the nature of the skin, hair type varies from person to person, so definitely results can also vary. However there are reputed clinics which claim for the guaranteed results. Choose the best laser hair removal technology to get the best results. This is a long lasting procedure and you don’t need to repeat the painful waxing and threading of the body hairs. Visit the laser hair removal specialists to get rid of hairs now without any further delay and enjoy the lustrous & smooth skin beauty.