We may take eyelashes for granted but the truth is that eyelashes protect our eyes from small particles, debris, and sand. They also help us to sense the danger near to the eyes; but apart from the functionality, these gatekeepers are desired as they are often regarded as a tool to emphasize the beauty, particularly by girls.

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with beautiful long and curlier eyelashes. Thanks to Latisse, a drug which is fulfilling the dreams of girls who yearn for dark, thick eyelashes. Approved by US FDA, latisse is a drug that works effectively in making eyelashes long.

So, with Poison your search for feminine, delicate and long lashes ends. Moreover, you can literally bid adieu to false eyelashes now.

Are there any side-effects of Latisse?

The drug latisse is FDA approved; it is completely safe for people. But if you happen to suffer from eye problems like conjunctives, uveitis or any other you should take advice from your ophthalmologist. Moreover, pregnant woman or nursing woman shouldn’t go for the treatment.

Will the drug Latisse damage the eye if it gets in?

Not many know that Latisse is a drug that is used to treat glaucoma, in which, case it’s put directly into the eyes. So, it doesn’t cause any serious damage to the eyes and just by chance, if it gets in, it should be fine within few minutes.