Permanent Make-Up

To eliminate the daily hassle of applying makeup

These days, cosmetic enhancements like full lips and brows are in rage. Check Facebook, Instagram photos and you will notice that there are so many bloggers who have undergone treatments to get the eyeliner, eyebrows stained on them.

Yes, it is true that eye-liner and lipstick are enough to make the eye and lips pop but some are going to extreme lengths in order to get the perfect pout and shaped eyebrows.

But you might be still wondering what is permanent makeup? Permanent makeup is the art of implanting dyes and pigments in the first dermis layer of skin in order to enhance features like brows, eyes, and lips. This treatment is not just restricted to skin but is also helpful to hide scars, stretch marks and other marks on the skin.

Is permanent makeup a tattoo?

Yes, it is like a super precision tattoo which involves usage of local anesthetic. The procedure of permanent makeup isn’t painful at all.

Who is a good candidate for permanent makeup?

If you have some allergies with traditional cosmetics or face difficulties in applying the makeup because of poor motor function than permanent makeup is right for you. Moreover, lots of fashionistas opt for this treatment to eliminate the daily hassle of applying makeup. They never run or smear or smudge.

Are there any risks associated with permanent makeup?

  • The risks that are associated with permanent makeup are similar to the one that are associated with tattoos.
  • Bleeding may occur during the procedure and sometimes the needle can cause infections as well.
  • Not everyone is good with all shades. Some people are allergic to certain shades.
  • Lastly, dissatisfaction is the largest risk factor that comes with permanent makeup. Once it is done tattoo removal is the only option left after that.