Visia Skin Analysis


Visia Skin Complex Analysis is a popular, pain-free, skin check-up that gives an evaluation of your skin’s health.  By establishing a detailed look into your skin and skin color, the results of Visia Skin Complex Analysis help in identifying the existing wrinkles, pores, sun-damaged skin cells, age spots, bacteria on the skin and acnes as well. In short, it gives a valuable glimpse of how face will turn after ages through a comprehensive photo assessment technique.


Using the cutting edge technology, our experts at Poison use a camera to obtain the clear picture of your skin’s health. Once this is done, the result comes in the form of the photo (which is the precise imaging of your skin) which will be explained by our experts through one-on –one consultation. Our experts will also suggest you the fitting treatment plan that you should go for in order to rejuvenate your skin.

Later on, Visia Skin Analysis can be done again to check whether the skin is making appropriate progress or not.

Who is a good candidate for Visia Skin Analysis? How long does the skin analysis take?

Anyone from age 18-80 is perfect for Visia Skin Analysis irrespective of the gender. A solid assessment of skin’s health helps the person to design his aesthetic plan. The procedure takes 10-15 minutes.

Is Vista technology safe?

With people becoming more and more conscious about their skin regime, people are opting for this treatment all over the world. Moreover, Vista is a product of Canfield Imaging Systems which is a global leader in photo imaging system for medical research.