Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Skin and hair are the dress that one wears every day. It speaks volumes!

It tells a lot about health, age, the functioning of the inner organs and above all tensions and happiness.

Cosmetology and Trichology runs in the blood of Poison. We understand that what works for one person may not work for another. Therefore, we aim to provide individualised attention to our patients. At Poison, we also aim to establish state of the art Trichology and Cosmetology centre of excellence that focuses on the integrated aspects of skin care, skin hair transplant, hair re-growth and cosmetic surgeries. Instead of focusing on one discipline we aim to learn and perform the most dynamic sciences of trichology and apply it to our patients. So, that they look and feel radiant at any age. In short, we want to be best at the forefront and want to embrace the inner and outer beauty of the patient.

Our Mission

To establish ourselves as one of the best skin and hair care centers using the combination of advanced technology and care with a focus on patients desired results and health.