Face Rejuvenation/Anti Ageing Treatment

Whether you accept it or not, aging is something that cannot be prevented.  Since ages, we all have been on a quest to find a magic pill that will stop all signs of aging. But as we grow old, we realize that there is no such pill and growing old is the hard reality that we have to accept.

So, in case you too belong to the old league and are upset about the fine line that is sprawling on your face then Poison’s Face Rejuvenation is there at your service.


Benefits of face rejuvenation

  • Face rejuvenation tones the face and fades signs of aging skin.
  • Rebuilds toxicity in the skin by stimulating and promoting collagen and elastin production giving the skin a more youthful look.

Why us?

We perform a host of services under one roof. From invasive to non-invasive treatments, we perform everything. Moreover, our medical skin care programs are available to address the specific needs of aging people. Advances have also been made in the area of exfoliation and moisturizing to maintain skin tone and appearance. There are also nonsurgical facelift treatments available to improve skin texture, elasticity, and pigmentation at our clinic.

Other common treatments include antioxidant therapy, vitamin c, and retin-a. There are many who have started opting for Laser hair removal too. It helps to eliminate facial hair that comes with age. Micropigmentation has arrived on the consumer market to assist with hyperpigmentation (skin discoloration spots), thinned lips, and fine hair follicles.

Above all, menopause is better understood, making it easier for both patient and doctor to combat aging appearances associated with menopause. Vitamin supplements are also advised at our clinic.

To understand this process in detail call us.